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Bridled or Unbridled Joy, Love, Gratitude...?

Hello sweet friends!

This week, we'll be diving into and exploring a few questions...

The first question of the week: Do you ever hold back expressing your positive emotions such as joy, love, enthusiasm, passion, excitement, and gratitude?

Do you tone it down? Want to share something positive, but then stop yourself? Wait until maybe later to share the good news? Delete some of your exclamation points? Hold back expressing the compliment or gratitude? Think about telling someone you care for them, but then don't say it? Have happy news to share, but don't tell anyone? Have photos you'd love to share, but then don't show them?

What does it feel like in your body to hold back the sharing of positive emotions?

What does it feel like your body to let the positive energy flow freely?

Is it appropriate at times to hold positive emotions back? When is it unnecessary to hold them back? Do you ever hold back more than needed? There may be all sorts of reasons to inhibit ourselves in this way at times....

But then, the next big question is: can the inhibition of sharing our positive emotions with others become a habit? If yes, what happens then? What is the long-term effect?

Can it become a cultural habit for a family, friend group, or larger society? If yes, what happens then? What is the long-term effect?

Is the inhibition of your joy, excitement, happiness, gratitude needed right now?

In this moment?

Is that inhibition serving you?

Is it serving the world?

How do you feel when you are around people who are excited? Loving? Lit up? Full of enthusiasm? Quick to express their optimism, appreciation, or gratitude?

What if you experienced more of that?

What if you let more of that flow from within you?

What if you didn't inhibit it?

If you shared more of your enthusiasm and fiery passion with the world?

If you let your joy, happiness, and light shine brightly?

If you let your love and gratitude flow freely?

Are there people/places where this is easier to do?

How might we encourage and normalize the sharing of joy, happiness, gratitude, love, and enthusiasm?

I can't wait to hear about your thoughts and experiences with this friends. Thanks so much, everybody! See you soon!!

Much love,



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