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My heart leaves lighter and more joyful every. single. time.

Renae, Minnesota, USA

cayse dancing aya 1200 5.jpg

Aya is joy and freedom manifested into a physical experience. It’s a space to dance, celebrate, and let free all aspects of “me.” It allows me to truly reconnect to my body in ways I hadn’t experienced since I was a kid. Complete appreciation, joy, curiosity, and most importantly love. Aya has completely transformed how I interact with my body. It is a practice I will carry with me for life!


Oregon, USA

Danielle and Aya moved me to places of awareness and joy I never knew I could FEEL! Just me, in my body, dancing my authentic spirit, connecting with music, without boundaries or inhibitions. Only pure joy and amazement and gratitude for my body!


Pullman, WA, USA

erin dancing aya 1200.jpg
laura dancing Aya 1200.jpg

I found Aya when I met Danielle a few years ago and I'm so so grateful I did! Aya helps me tap into that inner kid and dance like no one is watching, or more like everyone is watching and I don't give a fuck.


Wisconsin, USA

I’m not exaggerating when I say Aya is one of the best discoveries of my life. It is a fun, wonderful journey of body and spirit. I love feeling free while also learning to be aware of my body’s voice. It’s a perfect balance of guidance and self-expression. Of inner peace and super energy. And it lasts and brings joy to my whole week!


Moscow, ID, USA

janet dancing Aya 1200.jpg
I had my first Aya dance experience, and it was everything my soul needed!

Wow! It’s a mixture of guided dance and free dance, and holy smokes I felt so free. It was powerful, energizing, exhausting lol, inclusive, soulful, and I want to go to every one she has. There’s no right or wrong in the way you choose to move and dance. You can experiment and move in ways you didn’t know you felt you could. It’s a judgment free zone of bliss and body-soul connection. Making new friends is also always a bonus!! Dani leads this group with a beautiful combination of energy and grace. She’s amazing! I will definitely be going back again and know I will enjoy every minute of it. Come join us!

Wow!!! I am overwhelmed with joy. Did the "heels" video. Loved the whole experience I'm so grateful for the ability to dance and move with your guidance whenever I want!!!!!

Adeah, Roanoke, VA, USA

mary dancing aya 1200.jpg

Sometimes I get completely blissed out – a place of deep feeling between joy and crying that I never get to any other time. Aya is my feeling practice. It’s literally where I have no choice but to feel. Where I can’t avoid what I’m feeling, and I can be connected to something that’s been waiting for me to find it under all the thinking.


Downers Grove, IL, USA

Dancing with Danielle is a gift not only to my body, but my heart and soul have also drank fiercely from this joyous freedom. She’s truly a master teacher. So much gratitude… 


Pullman, WA, USA

dayna dancing aya 1200.jpg
adeah dancing Aya 1200.jpg

It's the most soul satisfying movement I have ever experienced.


Roanoke, VA, USA

Sometimes Aya on Saturday mornings is a fun and energizing gift I give myself at the end of the week. Sometimes like today, it breaks through very old energetic blocks. Whichever the case is, it always feel like magical work.


Cedar Falls, IA, USA

elizabeth dancing aya 1200.jpg
Aya seems to comes from a place of stillness, of space and of possibilities…

It feels like there is room for be me without compromise.  I am also feeling like I am being coaxed even deeper into a world that can be gentle, soft, structured and yet powerful and freeing and productive. It’s like an invitation into something new, something beyond what I know and have known...thank you dear one. Its like it whispers to me that I can go beyond the way I currently experience myself.  There is more to me and more possibilities than I’ve ever dreamed of... yes i feel it...

Dancing today was so what all doctors should order.

Mary, Cedar Falls, IA, USA

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