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Dance anytime, anywhere!

Aya Online includes 2 sweet ways to dance!

For < $1 a day, enjoy both:


Unlimited Aya classes on Zoom

Sundays, 11 AM + Wednesdays, 5:30 PM 

*US Central Time

Unlimited video access

Have Dani & Aya in your pocket, ready to dance up some big joy vibes with you anytime, anywhere!



Enjoy 2 weeks FREE!

Try it out! Get a taste! If you don't love it, simply cancel before the end of 2 weeks, and you won't be charged a dime.


from home sweet home!

Dance in community

Meet, connect, and dance in sync with friendly Aya dancers who live across the US, and even in Greece! 


anytime, anywhere, 24/7. 

Dance on your own

With 50+ Aya videos to choose from, you can dance with Dani whenever it works for you!

aya dance meditation on zoom 2023.jpg

Home is where the dance is.

What Participants Say

"My sister introduced me to Aya and its creator, Dani, a few years ago. I am forever grateful... It is an hour of pure bodily bliss and embracing my soul as it sings through movement and my beautiful home as I dance around it. It is a most wonderful embrace of being fully, in the moment, in my own body as it is, feeling delightful music move through me as I wring out emotion, create bonds with those I dance with across the globe and feel the rhythm of being fully in creation together spinning as one. I hope you give it a try and sign up. You will find your way to utter embodied bliss." -Cynthia


Come dance with us!

The more dance friends, the merrier!

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