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Aya at Sanctuary Yoga

Enjoy blissful Aya dancing in the beautiful and serene Sanctuary Yoga studio in Cedar Falls!


Come dance and feel wildly alive, peaceful, and free!

Sundays, 9:15-10:15 AM

Mondays, 5:45-6:45 PM

Enjoy a FREE trial! 

1st time? Welcome! Click any Sanctuary class in the Aya schedule and enter code: NEW for 100% off!

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Enjoy a FREE trial!

Click any Sanctuary class in the Aya schedule
 and enter code: NEW to enjoy 100% off a drop-in ticket!

2 ways to join the bliss!

Option 1:

Pay by the class (drop-in)


Swing in for a dance and enjoy some Aya bliss whenever it fits in your week! Take it day by day, and join whenever it works for you!


Please note: Aya classes are not included in the studio’s yoga class memberships or packages. Aya classes can instead be purchased online using the class calendar at, or in person at class (space permitting).

Single Aya class: $12.50

To purchase a drop-in, simply buy a "ticket" for any upcoming class via the Aya class calendar.

Option 2:

Pay by the month (for a set day & time)


This is a great option if you’d love to have Aya a part of your weekly self-care routine, dance regularly on the same day/time each week, and have a standing reservation (plus save 25%).


Memberships auto-renew monthly, and can be canceled anytime. Limited availability: 10 available/day of the week.


• Sunday Aya Membership: $40/mo. ($9.20/class)

• Monday Aya Membership: $40/mo. ($9.20/class)

Ready to start dancing again? 

Join anytime!

Want a glimpse of the space?

Enjoy a peaceful little 1-min. tour!

Sunset Aya in the Orchard 4 for web.jpg


Sanctuary Yoga Studio

602 State St, Cedar Falls, Iowa

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Cozy. Supportive. Exploratory. Deep.

Sunset Aya in the Orchard 4 for web.jpg

Curious about yoga at Sanctuary?

Yoga & Aya are a fantastic combo for nurturing health, fitness, self-discovery, and holistic wellbeing. And, friends, Sanctuary is an incredibly serene space to move, breathe, and just "be" in.


Check out all that Kristen has to offer!


*Please note: Aya classes are not included in Sanctuary memberships/passes.

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