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Stacking our Bones

Hello, beautiful soul! April is here, and so is another week of joyful dancing! WOOHOO!

This week's focus, 

inspired by this super cute 20-sec. video made by Jennifer Garner, is allllllll about "stacking our bones." 

I just love this little video, y'all. It's quick, adorable, and such a friendly little reminder to pay attention to our posture. 

Wanna try it? She keeps it so simple.

Simply tune in.

How does your posture feel right now?

Then, what if you...

• Bring your chin back

• Shoulder blades back & down 

• Tuck your pelvis a bit

Does any of that feel better?

*illustration from Rolfing: The Integration of Human Structures by Ida Rolf


In class, we'll mostly focus on the first two parts she mentions:

1) chin back

2) shoulder blades back & down.

We'll explore tucking the pelvis too, but that may vary more.


Then, we'll add:

B R E A T H E in S P A C E

to help us stay soft & light.


I don't know about you...

but I can always use reminders about posture. Especially when I'm on a device. Sometimes I practically crawl into my phone. 😂

But, you guys, check out how heavy our heads can get the further we tilt. Oof.


*illustration adapted from:

Could you benefit from reminders too?

If yes: is there anything you can you do right now to help you remember? 

Perhaps a notification, alarm, or sticky note? A ribbon or rubber band on your wrist?
Maybe a wallpaper on your phone?

*illustration from:

Personally, I have the hardest time staying stacked when on a device. So I'm trying something new! I've made some wallpapers to remind me to "stack my bones." :)

Want to use them too? Please do!

You can download 'em here:

As always, I can't wait to see what we discover together this week. :)

We'll dance our bones, play with posture, and come out feeling lighter, more spacious, and more aligned (woohoo!).

See you on the dance floor, friends!

💛 Dani


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