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Celebrating our supportive routines, habits, and systems.

Heyyy there, beautiful souls!

Welcome to another lovely week of joyful dancing!

After two weeks of celebrating the magic of being spontaneous, this week we'll be shifting our focus to the complete opposite end of the spectrum. :)

This week: systems.

This week's allllllllll about celebrating the magic of our routines, rituals, schedules, habits, and plans...... our, as James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, puts it: "systems." Our systems include the habits and routines we use day-by-day, week-by-week to support us in being who we wish to be. I don't think I've ever used the word systems in this way before, but now that I've heard it, I just love it. 

Perhaps it is the way you use your planner. Your to-do list. Your reminders, notifications, or the alarms you set. etc. Maybe it's meal planning or prepping. A car pool schedule. Set days for specific tasks or chores. A morning routine. A bedtime routine. Date night. Family night. Movie night. Or even just a bit of sacred white space that you block out each week so you can relax or be spontaneous.

Maybe one of your systems is having an Aya (or similar sort-of) membership. A system that helps dancing be part of your weekly routine. You don't have to think about it; it's simply what you do. A built-in block of time -- a system -- that supports your joy, fitness, community, stress relief, creative self-expression, and more. 

Maybe the system is a limit you have set in some way. For example, one limit we have at our house is that the Wi-Fi automatically shuts off at 11 PM. This way, no matter what we're in the middle of scrolling, watching, or listening to, at 11 PM, that's it - poof - done. Time to sleep. :) Zzzzzzz.....

Whatever your supportive systems are, friends, this week is all about celebrating them.

We'll discuss this more in class, but in the meantime, here are a couple of questions to play with:

1). What systems have you already created & integrated into your day that support you in being who you wish to be? Give yourself a big ol' high five for creating (and rocking) those systems, y'all! You're doing it! Look how far you've come! Way to go! Thank you, systems! Thank you, self, for setting up those systems!

2). If there is a change you'd like to make, or a goal you are wanting to reach, what system might you intentionally establish to help you get there? What can you do that would help you move towards it day after day, tiny bit by tiny bit?

As always, I can't wait to see what we discover together this week, friends. Until then, cheers to our magical daily routines, plans, schedules, rhythms, and...... systems!

See you soon!

💛 Dani


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