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Connecting with your solar plexus.

Happy Sunday, friends!

This week, we'll be exploring what it is like to (and what happens when we) connect with our solar plexus.

To do this, we'll play with sensing, tuning into, and activating the area of our upper belly (below our breastbone and above our naval) as we dance.

The solar plexus is often associated with qualities such as willpower, responsibility, confidence, self-expression, discipline, clarity, independence, motivation, focus, enthusiasm, courage, and action. So this week, we'll have a chance to simply tune in, experiment, and explore what happens when we connect with and energize this area of our body. 

We can ask ourselves... What do we sense? Do we notice anything physically? Do we notice anything energetically? Emotionally? While dancing? After dancing? How about as you sense and activate this part of your body/self throughout the week? 

As always, I can't wait to see what we discover together!

See you soon, everybody!

💛 Dani


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