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Embodying playfulness

Hello and happy weekend, friends!

Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVED our focus on sensing togetherness last week. Thank you so much for an beautiful week of dancing. 

This week, we're going to explore the sensation of playfulness.

As we dance, we'll explore things like: What does it feel like to be playful? How does it feel to play? What do you notice in your body? What do you sense? How do you feel?

How about after playing? What do you notice or sense? How do you feel? 

And then (if desired) we might explore.... How might we bring more playfulness into our moment, hour, week, month? More playfulness into our home? Our relationships? Our work? Our routines?

I'm sooooooo looking forward to this week, friends. It's very easy for me to be serious... but man, it's so much more FUN when I bring more playfulness into my day. When I do, I feel so much lighter, and much more joyful, connected, and at ease. I am really looking forward to focusing on this and remembering how to embody more playfulness this week. 

As always, I can't wait to see what we discover together! See you soon!

💛 Dani


Join us this week for some movement, friendship, and good vibes! ✨


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