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Just Being Here Now

Hello dear dance friends!!

Thank you so much for our recent explorations these past few weeks. I absolutely loved diving into "care" with you (and learned so much).

I have another deep-dive focus I'm really looking forward to practicing with you... but I'd like to give us a bit of time and space before we jump into another deep-dive. Let's wait and start that one next week. :)

This week will be an integration week.

We'll move our bodies, embody and integrate what we have explored already, and just be.

Much like we do every week as part of our Sunday ritual, each dance we'll just be here now. We'll simply enjoy the essence of the Aya practice: coming home to our body and the present moment.

We'll listen to the music...

Dance our bodies.

Sense our magical aliveness...

And just be here now.

Looking forward to seeing you, friends!

Much love,



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