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Ease + Just Being Here Now

Heyyyy there, beautiful souls!

Happy Sunday.... and happy MARCH! I hope your weekend has been lovely so far.

Friends, a new week is here, and I cannot WAIT to dance with y'all.

This week as we dance, we're going to have what we sometimes refer to as an integration week.

This simply means a week where we can further integrate anything new we've learned recently as we focus on simply sensing ease and just being here now. 

You know me, friends. I lovvvvve learning, growth, and self-improvement. :) :)

In class, I lovvvvve how we can focus in on a specific practice intensely, explore all sorts of new things, take on challenges we create for ourselves, dive in deeply into interesting topics, learn new skills, change and adapt, and grow in new ways (which is all so enjoyable, of course)...

AND yet..... it also feels really important to balance all of that striving, searching, yearning, challenging, and growth with plenty of chances where we can align with ease and simply BE.

Where ease & being are the way. 

Simply being... just as we are...

Right here.

Right now.


Just a nice sort-of exhale of a week....


Time to simply dance.... and enjoy our aliveness and freedom.

This is one of those lovely weeks, friends....

and I would absolutely LOVE for you to come and be a part of it.

Anytime. Always, always.

Hope to see you soon!

💛 Dani


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