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Sensing togetherness

Happy Sunday, beautiful souls!

Last week's focus on connection was so beautiful! Thank you, friends.

We're going to continue with our focus on connection this week as well, with just a slightly more specific emphasis: sensing our togetherness.

One of my favorite things about class is all of the opportunities for connection and togetherness it provides. I love being and dancing with you, friends. So this week is gonna be alllllll about celebrating togetherness.

We'll focus on tuning into and really being present (not just with the moment, but) with each other. 

There are so many ways we can come together. 

Together in time and space. Together over time. Together in the beat. Together in direction. Together in sweaty-ness. Together in effort. Together in ease. Together in the circle. Together on the screen. Together before class. Together after class. Together in anticipation of next week. Together in memories of previous dances. Together in curiosity. Together in exploration. Together in learning. Together in inspiration. Together in strength. Together in flow. Together in rest. Together in song. Together in movement. Together in presence. Together in JOY.

And although I mentioned above a bunch of ways we come together in Aya, we can also explore and play with this all week long!

What is it like to sense togetherness.....

• at home?

• at work?

• at the grocery store?

• at a large public event?

• with friends?

• with family?

• with one other person?

• on the phone?

• through social media?

• in that group project you're a part of?

• in the email you're composing?

• in the email you're reading?

• when with a pet?

• when with a child?

• making music?

• cooking with another?

• at a party?

• talking with your neighbor?

• driving in traffic?

• on vacation?

• helping someone physically?

• walking around town?

• waving to a passerby?

• smiling at a stranger?

As always, I can't wait to see what we'll discover (together)! 

See you soon!

💛 Dani


Join us this week for some movement, friendship, and good vibes! ✨


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