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Dancing our Eyes

Hellooooo friends!

We are back from a week in the desert, and I'm so excited to explore this week's focus with you.

This focus is inspired by something Peter Wohlleben brought up in his book: The Heartbeat of Trees. He mentions that one of the maaaaany benefits of being outside is that it helps us to engage the more distant ranges of our vision.

Have you thought about this much before? The importance of exercising our vision in this way? I really haven't much...

But now that I am thinking about it, purposefully exercising the full range of our vision (including as far in the distance as possible) makes so much sense. I read the paragraph about this when were on the plane, and it was so easy to really notice and sense how much more I used my distant range of my vision as we were hiking around throughout our trip (as compared to when I'm sitting at this computer, or reading a book).

Just like so many other aspects of our body/health... if we don't use it, we can lose it. The awesome thing though, is that (at least for many aspects of our health/wellness) the reverse is also true: if we DO use it, we can maintain it (or reclaim it... or improve it).

What if this also applies to our vision?

It therefore makes total sense to me that we want to exercise our vision in a variety of ways to keep our eyes healthy and well and functioning optimally. The phrase "use it our lose it" stirs up more fear vibes than I'd prefer... so I'd rather think of it more like "use it to nourish it." Use it to care for it. Use it to strengthen it. Use it to maintain it. Use it to love it. Use it to celebrate it.

That is where this week's focus comes in.

Specifically, we'll focus on our focus. :)

We'll dance our eyes.

For nourishment. For health. For wellness. For love and respect and care for our incredible eyes.

Ways you might play with this in and out of class this week:

Sometimes, focus on...

  • Seeing what is near. For example, really zoom in and focus on the details of your hand. Sometimes focus on seeing as near as possible.

  • Seeing what is far away. For example, at the far end of your room, or out your window, or farther if you are outside while practicing this. Sometimes focus on seeing as far as possible.

  • A narrow, specific focus (at any distance).

  • Having a wider, larger view.

  • Using your peripheral vision.

  • Making eye contact.

  • Seeing details.

  • Allowing blurry/unfocused/softer vision.

  • Resting your eyes.

  • Keeping your eyes on one thing.

  • Traveling your eyes horizontally or vertically... or maybe even in circles?

With each of these practices... What does it feel like? What do you sense? What do you notice? Can you sense your eyes dancing their range of options in this way? How else might we explore this?

We'll start this focus up together Monday night on Zoom, but of course no need to wait... What do you notice as you dance your eyes throughout your day today? Aren't our eyes amazing? Isn't it incredible what all they do for us?

I'm so excited to explore and learn together how we might dance our eyes to help keep our eyes healthy and well. As always, please bring all of your wonderful experience and tips to share with us as well. How do you care for your eyes? What works for you? What helps your eyes feel and function their best? What doesn't?

I can't wait to *see* what all we discover and learn together. :)

Thanks so much for reading, and dancing, and for being on this Aya journey with me, friends. See you soon!

Much love,



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