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Celebrating our Eyes

Happy Sunday beautiful dancers!

Friends, I want to thank you so much for focusing on eyes with me last week. I had no idea how lovely (and healing) tuning into my eyes throughout the past week was going to be for me.

This week as we dance (in class and simply throughout day-to-day life), we'll focus on sensing our eyes again. However, this time we'll simply celebrate them, enjoy them, and appreciate all of the ways they help us connect with the beautiful world around us.

We can even start right now. With your eyes open or closed, simply tune in:

  • How do your eyes feel? What do you sense?

  • What are they allowing you to do?

  • Who or what are they helping you to see or connect with in this moment?

  • What might your eyes want more (of less) of? A change in lighting or scenery? A change in brightness on this screen? A change in distance away? Do they feel well hydrated? Rested? Could they use a short nap? A change in focus/activity?

  • How might you show your eyes some extra love today, and throughout this week?

Our eyes are so amazing, friends. I'm looking forward to a week of celebrating them with you.

Thanks so much for being here! See you soon!

Much love,



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